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12.03.2012 , 02:54 PM | #18
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So I'm flat out broke with my main sitting on about 370,000 credits plus all my alts with about 200,000 total which puts me at a total of 570,000 credits. You see this lack of credits does not come from excessive spending just when I hit 50 didn't give myself a good head start which in term led to a drop of credits over a certain amount of time. So is anyone else in the same boat?

Basically I'm broke don't understand all these credit sinks everywhere and wonder if some of you also have this credit problem.
I have about 500k spread across all my characters (8 total). That's only because I haven't been doing dailies lately and I haven't put any effort into crew skills yet (boooring). Do dailies, 300k a day or thereabouts.