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Either would be fine, seriously. Both Vanguard and Guardian also have increased DPS builds that are suitable for off-tanks but not main tanks, so if your main tank is a Shadow using one of them as an off-tank to squeeze a little more DPS out of the group works very well. (Trying to go hybrid with a Shadow is pure disaster!)
Yep, having tanks that can switch to offtank is actually a very under-utilized trait. Obviously, having 2 full tanks is the default for most things, but I know that I can get my Powertech tank dps from 700-800 up to ~1000 with a few changes. With the amount that tanks are pushing into DR curves these days, it shouldn't be at all surprising that tanks sluff a bit of their tanky-ness for damage. Both PT/VG and Jugg/Guard can do this.
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