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Actually, it's not an assumption. It's not that we expect something more than what they promised us. It was stated multiple times that they had plans to continue adding additional items to the CE vendor. It wasn't supposed to be a one-time deal with a few items at launch.

See here, a direct article by Bioware:
"Collector’s Edition Store. At launch the Collector’s Edition Store will be available to those who have the Collector’s Edition of The Old Republic, and will feature items found nowhere else in the game! The Collector’s Edition will be stocked with exclusive social items for yourself, and unique appearances for your companion. The store will also have regular updates to give players incentive to keep coming back."

Almost one full year later, and not a single update to the CE vendor. I don't think this qualifies as "regular updates."

Even this fairly recent interview shows they do still have plans to update the vendor; it's just on the back burner.
"8. For those who have access to the VIP/Collectors Edition vendors, will we see any new items added to them in the future or is the focus primarily in the cartel market?

Most of our development effort will focus on keeping the cartel market fresh and full of awesome stuff to purchase. That being said, I definitely have it on my to-do list to revisit these secondary vendors in the future."

So, rather than getting upset with the OP, realize that CE buyers were told one thing, and then BioWare delivered another (as in, nothing for updates to CE vendor).

I think it's a rather legit concern that someone payed a premium in real dollars to get something that was listed multiple times only to get nothing in that area. Maybe one user bought the CE for the statue, and another for the music CD, or the physical journal of Jedi Gnost-Dural, etc. Maybe the OP's primary reasoning behind the purchase of his CE was for the in-game items he was expecting from the CE vendor. I know that was my primary motivation, so I am also a little disappointed that we haven't received any CE vendor updates.
Good stuff, exactly what I was looking for. Should be an OP of some a new thread. Any argument from the CE Vendor update haters will be invalid (heck it is now. but that's gonna be op ) if they'll intend to use their current reasoning. I am not that crazy for exclusive and leet items. This is about the principle and money spent on something you were supposed to get. But you didn't. Please thank me for a victorious five-year fight for traditional Jedi robes in SWTOR.