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Rofl, read sigs much? There in my sig is my 25 minute vid of me destroying melee and most other classes on my Commando.

I know the class is sub par. I never said it wasn't.

The only classes I cannot beat 1v1 are Assault/Pyro Vanguard/Powertech, Shadow/Assassin, Combat/Rage Sent/Mara. The rest are situational with proper LOS.
Video isn't a recent one and yes I did look at it. Also that is still a lot of types of classes that can easily solo other mercs/commandos and it doesn't speak much of your video if you cannot solo the ones you listed above.

Also even tho the video quality isn't the greatest I'm guessing most of the targets you picked to shoot at were under geared and had less health than you b/c there is no way you'd drop a war hero geared melee that quickly. You do well and your movement/circle kiting is amazing I will admit that but your still mediocre at best compared to the melee in this game.