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Indeed. I am just chalking it up to lessoned learned. I don't expect EAware to ever ... EVER get around to doing anything with the CE owners. They have our money. They want "new" money. CC Store will always have priority.

On a related note, it is amazing to me how EA has now surpased $oE in less than a year for disappointing me and jerking me around. It took $oE a good 5 years to make me hate them. EA did that in less than 9 months.
Woot...I'm bugged... can still post...nice job EAWare

Anyway, back to topic....

I thought a year ago EA's motto should have been- "EA- At least we're better than SOE"

Now I think it ought to be- "EA- Hey, we're so fabulous- we're the only company in all of gaming that can make SOE look "good" by comparison!"