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You seem to consider yourself a logical man. Then you should be familiar with something called the "burden of proof", yes?

Seeing as how BW hasn't made any comment for staying 49, banned anyone for staying 49, has systems in place that allow you to stay 49, it is on YOU to prove that staying 49 is in fact an exploit. Until such times, please refrain from calling it an exploit.
As much as I think twinks are ****... the man has a point here.

Of course... in my understanding of the word "exploit", I completely believe this IS an exploit. HOWEVER, so is power leveling, so WAS jumping the wall in Civil War, appparently legacy gear as well, so is avoiding mobs in operations...

If you don't see my point... it is that all of these things can be considered "exploits". They do not fall into the design of the game "as intended". But none of these are punishable offenses either. And that's the point... none of these are a blatant mis-use of the games design.

Sure, maybe they didn't notice, or expect people to do any of these things. But bottom line.. they know it's happenening, it's not game breaking and they also continue to allow it.

It's annoying.... yes... an exploit... yes.

A punishable offense?