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Nah, there's actually a second vendor up there exclusive to the CE guys. They sell a handful of customizations (for example, my Guardian has on a T7 custom that gives them a round head, I think?) a set of orange empty shells (Republic Soldier for Reps, Imperial Trooper for Imps,) and a speeder that is NOT the Korrealis Commander that was originally there.

Oh, and I think a droid, or a pet, or something? It's something small, like the Rhythm Droid, I think.
Korrealis Commander was never available from a CE vendor. it was accessible to everyone once they purchased VIP access. Rhythm droid is from Sec-key vendor. I wonder how nobody is raging that sec-key owners are having super-useful fleet-passes and are rocking around with slave outfits and Rhythm Augmentation droid?
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