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You are correct, twinking is not an exploit, and no one has said it is.

The exploit comes with indefinite twinking, which is done/caused by leaving a warzone before the end, to avoid the rewards. While this is hard for a player to prove 100%, I believe the OP mentioned things like "Observing several 49's leaving just before the end, repeatedly."

So as you say, twinks are not an exploit, nor is the concept of twinking being discussed here.

As "benefits" are subjective, one could make an argument that these Infinite Twinks (the act of remaining a twink indefinitely)are benefiting in personal reasons (ie. E-peen, Roflstomping, etc...), and that the act of -not- getting conventional rewards allows them to continue receiving their own personal benefits. If their personal benfits are disruptive to others, and are not part of natural gameplay, then it's a problem.

TL-DR: Twinks aren't exploits, Staying a Twink indefinitely is. That's what's being argued and you are arguing using missunderstood terms/concepts.
You seem to consider yourself a logical man. Then you should be familiar with something called the "burden of proof", yes?

Seeing as how BW hasn't made any comment for staying 49, banned anyone for staying 49, has systems in place that allow you to stay 49, it is on YOU to prove that staying 49 is in fact an exploit. Until such times, please refrain from calling it an exploit.