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We have adapted to these changes- by playing only focus and/or combat in RWZs- but it is still legit to express the desire to be able to play watchman competitively. We are in the same boat here dude. Yes we're frustrated that a spec that we love to play isn't viable, but that doesn't mean we are too caught up in our frustration to adapt and play the other specs. Sitting here and QQing would mean that we would be still playing our beloved watchman, which I haven't done in a long time except the occasional regular wz. And you're right Sappharan shouldn't say things like that just because he disagrees with your opinion.
Agreed. However you are one of the few Sents/Maras that have adapted. Most are too scared to try out a new spec. I would love to see the Watchman spec get tweaked so that it could afford some more team-play ability but that is a tough nut to crack. I'm sure in the future we will see this class ebb and flow between which spec will be the king of battle.