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The CE vendor in fact has exclusive items in it right now.

Now, if you were pleading for new/more items... OK.. well... wait and see.

Besides, If they said yes right now today.... you'd still be all worked up about it because promises mean nothing to most MMO players.
Can I plead for items that were stripped out because of a BS reason, and has only seen nose-snubbing by adding more speeders of the exact same type that got removed? Because, you know, that Korrealis Commander's calling to me from its grave, saying "Sorry you didn't plow through to 50 and complain about lack of content in a month flat. Ride me, Space Cowboy Jedi!"

I want that thing. Dumb as it sounds, it was like the highlight of me hitting 50, and since they stripped it out, I kind of said "well, what's waiting for me when I hit 50? What's my 'treat?'"
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