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12.03.2012 , 01:18 PM | #30
Why would anyone put Sage/Sorc bubble as overpowered?

Were one of the most underpowered classes in the game at the current time Knight/Warrior classes look for us to see how big of a smash they can get. No class fears sage/sorc dps. To heal for any length of time you NEED guard unlike Mercs or Commando. Other varius class mechanics I won't get into that make it easy to kill a sorc/sage when you can take 80% less damage for 5 seconds yet still do max damage is always great.

"70% Sage health with 20% Juggernaunt Ah look Juggernaut Force In Balance 28 damage Telekenitc Throw 8 dmg 9 dmg 7 dmg.......Force Leap 980 Smash 6800 Dispatch 4878 Dead Sage"

That bubble sure needs a nerf doesn't it? Because in order to take you nerf your damage even more then it already is by going up into the Lightning tree and you loose out on the 30% bonus to Periodic Damage and Death Field Crit. So please leave our gimped class out of this discussion.