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Hello Gawker,

It may seem odd that I'm contacting you on this matter, but the LGBT+ community of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is at its wit's end.

As you can see in this thread: , we have been attempting to extract further information from Bioware with regards to same-sex content in the game since January.

Allow me to give you some history: during the open beta testing of SWTOR, many players asked if same-sex romances would be available as they had been in previous Bioware games (like the Dragon Age and Mass Effects series). The initial response of "There are no gays in Star Wars" was met with outrage and public denouncement. Due to the negative backlash on the forums, it was stated by Stephen Reid that same-sex romances would be made available in SWTOR, but would be a "post launch feature". Game launch rolled around in late December of 2011 and no further word was issued. At the time of making the above linked thread, January 17th 2012, there had been no further word. It was not until March, at the Guild Summit, after months of weekly Q&A sessions which ignored all queries on same-sex content, that Daniel Erickson, then writer for SWTOR, said that same-sex content would be bundled with other story content and would be released "this year". Despite requests for further clarification and inquiries as to the general state of the content, particularly given SWTOR's seemingly unexpected change to Free2Play, there has been no acknowledgement from Bioware that the content, let alone those wanting it, exist. The end of the year looms ever closer and it seems that SWTOR's LGBT+ community actually knows less now than it did at the beginning of 2012. Bioware and EA seem very happy to espouse their pro-LGBT and inclusive views (EA even going so far as to say that it has same-sex content in "all of its games"), but in reality are hesitant to act on these positions.

If nothing else, I would hope you could read Natashina's FAQ on the subject, which covers all the information the LGBT+ community have been given on the inclusion of same-sex romances, as well as containing statements from EA and Bioware regarding their positions on same-sex content:

All we are asking for is that Bioware comes to us and says, simply, whether or not same-sex content is still to be included in Star Wars: The Old Republic. And yet we are forced to go beyond Bioware and EA to the media to ask for help, because Bioware appears to be content with ignoring us.

Thank you very much for your time.

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Edit-edit: Just sent the above to - a gay news and network site. They also have a submission system, if anyone is feeling sane enough to write an article on the subject