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Even played correctly you still can't keep up with the melee classes. You talk as tho it is the players fault that the Merc/Commando class sucks but we all know (and by all I mean the ones who ended up making one as their main) that they are below average now since all the other classes have been buffed once or twice while we have been constantly nerfed. Don't try and give me a line and make it sound like you are doing any better than the rest of us.

If infact you do so well why not videotape yourself playing and post a video for us to see.

We all know they don't exist. Bioware had to fire most of them to go try and make some money elsewhere.
Rofl, read sigs much? There in my sig is my 25 minute vid of me destroying melee and most other classes on my Commando.

I know the class is sub par. I never said it wasn't.

The only classes I cannot beat 1v1 are Assault/Pyro Vanguard/Powertech, Shadow/Assassin, Combat/Rage Sent/Mara. The rest are situational with proper LOS.
25 minute Assault Commando pvp video:
Duck'bumps (Assault Commando) vs Silch (Focus Guardian) all 5 Rounds (Silch POV):