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This isn't normal. See it as an isolated event. Bubblestuns are basically the only thing that makes sorc/sage OP at the moment. And BW has agreed to look into it for a better solution so in the meantime, relax and be patient. I've since full stealth wz's like twice since launch and if you thought 8 sages suck?

It's not likely to happen again. So chill. :]
Yeah, it kinda sucks, because of they take bubble stun away, it makes the class worthless again.

Someday (I've had this guy since last year), I'd like the class to be balanced, and useful in rateds.

Something to keep in mind though, there are two types of bubble speccers. Healers and DPS. The DPS are only protecting themselves. The healers are the one who can spec into it and still be a half decent healer while keeping everyone in LOS bubbled every 17-20 seconds. However the trade off is, absolute garbage DPS. I can't solo anyone unless I have a major gear advantage when in healer/bubble spec. You have 3 dots (one with 2 sec cast time), 2.5 sec of FL every 6 seconds, 1 high cost shock every 6 seconds, and that's it. lol lightning strikes at 1.4 sec per and garbage damage.

Sometimes I switch out of bubble spec and into an innervate/madness hybrid just to be able to kill somebody. It gets old having to run from virtually every conflict.
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