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Quote: Originally Posted by Doomsdaycomes View Post
TL-DR: Twinks aren't exploits, Staying a Twink indefinitely is. That's what's being argued and you are arguing using missunderstood terms/concepts.
Pot, meet kettle. I think you're the one that misunderstands terms and concepts. Let me break it down for you, since your dorsal pain clearly clouded your judgment:

1. Leaving a WZ whenever you wanted is a feature, not a bug. It's been like that since beta/early access. You must think the devs are real idiots if they didn't fix this for almost one year. Do you honestly think you're smarter than them ?

2. When bugs happened (there were plenty, especially at launch, GTN sales mail duplicates for one etc) BW was pretty johnny on the spot and fixed them fairly quick. The fact that leaving WZs has no drawbacks (aside losing the credits, valor and comm rewards along with the XP) should be a declaration in itself: this is working as intended. One trades his/her rewards and time for the ability to crush their enemies more efficiently. You get NOTHING out of staying 49 forever. Nothing. Not even stat padding. Nothing. Just the purity of battle and the slaughter of the unsuspecting nerfs. You get nothing out of it other than e-peen. Quid pro quo, Clarice.

3. Nobody puts a gun to your head and forces you to pvp. If you don't like fighting, don't join WZs. If you don't like getting crushed, then put some effort into your own gear. If you see a pimped out 49-er, just avoid him. There's a throng of solutions for the suffering of your butt, yet you only choose to whine and cry bloody murder.

Let me tell you how it goes. For instance i just pimped my lvl 49 operative with the best purple gear available. All 49 mods, implants, ear and lvl 47 augments (who needs that extra 1 endurance anyway). I did it all by myself, running crew missions with my alts and whatnot. I spent hundreds of thousands of credits getting my crew skills to max and running the missions i needed, RE-ing this and that, not to mention TIME. I did it primarily because i know this gear is entry level for 50s FPs and HMs and whatever. But, if I DECIDE that the amount of time and effort i put into all this warrants me spending a few WZs bashing in some skulls and not getting to 50 where others bash in my skull, that is my own decision, and you got jack sith right to tell me otherwise.

You're too lazy to gear up and too um, let's say inexperienced to make up for your lack of gear with skill. So you lose and your butt is hurting and you decide to reinvent the wheel and spit your on opinion as fact. Here, look, i can do it better:

A. Did BW ever condemned leaving WZs for purpose of perpetual pwnage ? NO
B. Did BW ever banned someone that did ? NO
C. Did BW implemented this feature to leave the WZ and is it live and functioning today ? YES

I deem all your whine invalid. Gear up your char and have a chat with my black friend, Lernto Playrissian. This is a galaxy of opportunities and no one is immortal. Yet you seek to take the choice away from some players. No doubt you've gone dark side.