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+ Someone posted earlier that F2P players cant post on the forms. But they can still read them.
People who read the forums are generally the people that don't need the help.

However, and this is spaking from general MMO experience rather than SWtoR experience, but in groups you don't often have someone who actually gives tactics. And when they do they give them in a way that they understand, using their MMO experience, but not always in a way that makes sense to a new player.

A good example: Don't shoot the CC'd droid

To a new player:
What is a droid?
What does CC mean?
What does the CC look like?
When can I shoot it? Can I punch it?
Does my AoE break the CC?
Why did you CC that one not the other one?
You have used CC on that droid, should I use mine on the other one?
How long does your CC last?

An experienced player will just know all of this, but I have been in a situation many times in various games where instructions just do not help, because by the time I understand what it meant, it is too late.

Yes you cannot explain this every time, or you will be on forever, but you should at least understand that there is a chance that your instructions are just not understood, rather than not followed. And often people prefer to hope you don't realise they are the ones screwing up rather than saying they don't know what you mean.
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