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12.03.2012 , 11:05 AM | #3
Its not so much what they could add, its the whole class story thing and mirrored class. A new class would require 2 new class stories and lots of new voiceovers.

If we ever get another class, it might me something like wow did with deathknights. You start at level 40 and chapter 1 and 2 will be voiceover only. Just 1 big prologue with some lightside/darkside choices to get you to about rank 3 dark or light side.

Ofc you should have to meet certain requirements to be able to start a class that begins at level 40. At the current state of the game its just not likely well ever get a new class + mirrorclass with new full storylines. Maybe in an expansion. Then you could even start at level 45 or 50 and skip chapter 3 aswell. Id still like a good long prologue for the possible new class in an eventual expansion, but full story im not so optimistic about.