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Well, there is this datamined object

Though I get the feeling that Makeb will not be individual class updates but general story updates. With Hall Hood's comments about being like the Avengers and bring everyone's stories together.
There will be a Chapter 4 later in 2013. No, it's not with the Makeb release, although Makeb will have ~some~ story advancement, it won't be a full chapter. Hall Hood addressed this in an interview last week, it's on the general forums somewhere. I commented on it. Makeb will actually be the "Interlude" that's been on our loading screens for the last 9 months. I never expected a full story expansion within a year of launch, anyway.

It's interesting because in the interview, they address the Agent's story specifically, since Agents get 3 very different endings. His response was "it's hard for spies to retire or stay out of the Spy game," so I assume


The first time around, I leveled FemAgent Sniper, full Dark Side,


I'm leveling a male Operative now, trying for mostly Light and I'm enjoying the differences.

I have 4 50s on Republic and Empire, and Agent story is still the best, hands down.
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