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Updates about new content and the like please. Maybe this developer stuff would have been useful a year ago when you had a million players. Not so much now.
Couldn't agree with you more. I pay to play the game......not read about some random developers hobbies, likes and dislikes.

I have an idea. How about instead of introducing us to someone you'll eventually end up firing you guys spend more time behind the computer working on fixing the game we gave you money to play.

It's very hard not to be rude anymore when they keep pumping out crap that has little to do with the actual game. Sure they have ideas for the future but if they don't focus on fixing the current problems in game the future won't matter b/c there won't be enough subscribers left to do anything.

Maybe I'm wrong........just not sure what to think anymore. I've pretty much lost my faith in game companies such as Bioware.