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I don't know if this will impact answers:

1) I play the game primarily on my own. Not interested in PVP and have only grouped for one flashpoint. I may do more later, but it's not a priority.

2) Jedi Knight/Guardian, currently level 41, on Hoth.

3) My Artifice just hit 400. My support skills (Treasure Hunting and Archaeology) are both high as well (one is around 375, the other is at 340-350).

Here's my question: What is the most effective use of my Artifice at this point? I have not found my equipment to be especially lacking as I go, so I guess part of what I'm asking is what's the best stuff for me to work on now to buff up my final equipment when I reach 50th level? Also, what's the best way to make money using Artifice? (Although I don't really explore the other MMO aspects, I've dabbled a little with trading and the Galactic Market).

Should I be working on breaking down high level mods? Enhancements? (Side question: Will the same enhancements work on all pieces of equipment, from guns to heavy armor, light armor to lightsabers?) Building and selling lightsabers?

Thanks for helping me explore this aspect of the game.