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12.03.2012 , 08:58 AM | #1
Hi all, I am from the bastion server and a buddy and I were talking about rolling fresh on this server to see what the pvp competition is like. I've been reading the forums here and noticed that most pvpers are on imp side with only a couple pub guilds doing rated on a regular basis. I've also noticed a lot of negative comments about the quality of pvp.

Having said this, how is the competition in RWZ? Are they good battles all the time? Or is there usually 1-2 teams that mop everybody up? Are the ques long? Do guilds que RWZ every day/night?

Basically I'm wondering if its worth the time to roll a new toon on a new server with no resources available. I have 5 toons that are all WH with different crew skills so I can craft everything from exotech stims to barrels to armorings, etc. for myself, kinda painful to roll without that lol

Thanks in advance!