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12.03.2012 , 07:21 AM | #7
Before this I'd like to see them remove the "requires X type of weapon" restrictions on some abilities. All that does is force people to use 1 weapon out of the ones their class currently has training for.

That being said I do like your idea though it would need to be tweaked so you couldn't have a double bladed saber used along with a single bladed saber or rifles with pistols. Perhaps implement a KOTOR style dual wield mechanic where double bladed sabers/rifles take up both hand slots as the solution and just create a focus/shield slot where you can either 1) carry a weapon in the off hand (this slot is "locked" if a rifle/double blade is used) or 2) use a shield/focus (this slot remains available if rifle/double blade is used so the current weapon stats don't need tweaking to compensate for a lost slot but the slot is "locked" if a weapon is carried in the off hand). The KOTOR dual wield mechanic could also dictate whether carrying a weapon in the off hand permits a damage boost (as is currently the case between double bladed sabers/dual wield and carrying a single blade).