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The problem is, when a new FOTM appears, people instead of rolling the counter class, they roll the FOTM and aggravate the situation even more. For the very lulz of it, I had a few WZ where we went with a 4 sniper premade. The republic scums fielded 4 sents and 2 guardians on voidstar. Needless to say, we ruined somebody's day, it was a bloody massacre.
I may be reaching here that there are plenty of counters for this class out there in 50 pvp. When playing deception I have absolutely no issue with smash jug, a 30% AoE damage reduction with a well timed force shroud or blackout and when my defenses are down so is the jug with the burst I have at my disposal.

Keep in mind rage jugs are fairly squishy, at least thats what I take from them.