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staying a twink indefinitely is not an exploit. if someone wants to leave a warzone every time so they dont level up to 50, where PvP actually has some semblance of meaning, thats their own choice. maybe they werent hugged enough as a child and enjoy trolling people in video games, it doesnt matter why they do it.

you get XP regardless of winning or losing. eventually, by finishing warzones you will leave the sub-50 bracket, and never have to see those evil infinite twinkers again. if you cant handle bullies on the interwebz, i dont know what to tell you. it is not bioware's job to make sure nobody ever hurts your feelings by repeatedly beating you in a warzone.

if youre whining this much about a gear imbalance in the sub-50 bracket, i cant imagine what your opinion of 50 pvp is.

enough of the whining. either finish grinding your wzs to get to 50, or level a different way. its not like the wzs are too complicated to figure out after a couple of warzones in the 50 brackter
You are a coward afriad to fight with the big boys in the big zones. let me tell you you sicken me i will fight for what I believe is right and fight for the lives of empire in warzone with gun there is no holding back. M8.