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The problems with this subclass in PvP are very deep rooted. Escapability? Yes. Difficulty outputting dps when pressured? Yes. But even in the ideal scenario when you can free cast, this class is a FAIL. If you compare damage output from a Merc dps to those of the top dps subclasses in a statis Voidstar match where no one is dying and both sides can focus on dps output for a full 15 minutes, the Merc dps is at about 50% below that of Sage and Guardian Focus. And about 25% below that Sent Focus. It (Merc dps) is not competitive even in the conditions that best favor it. Take all that talk about subclasses being within 5% of each other and throw it out the window. That 5% garbage is based on meta averages. It has no factual basis in how top players play their toons using best practices. No Merc dps will ever be outputting 1.5 million in damage with the current status of the game, but the top dps classes can do that.

But BW is extremely reluctant to directly buff Merc damage output because Merc dps is already extremely good in PvE. Buffs to accuracy and buffs to removing movement restrictions are logical ways to buff Merc dps in PvP without overpowering them for PvE. The other logical step? Return DFA to its prior, wider damage radius. That step however would be a very direct admission from BW that they fundamentally misunderstood how PvP balance works in this game. What are the odds of that?
Best thing I've read in 40 plus pages. The bottom line is Bioware doesn't know how to keep the changes separate. It has been 6 months and they still cannot figure out how to keep pvp and pve nerfs/buffs separate. Not only that but if they ever did successfully make a change subsequently something else somewhere in the game would break and then they'd have to spend several more hours with an emergency maintenance trying to fix it.

At this point a group of chimps banging on keyboards could probably do better maintenance on this game than the current staff now charged with trying to keep this fail game afloat.