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Overall damage is fine if allowed to freecast for an extended period of time, but I disagree regarding burst. Gunnery has steady damage if uninterrupted, but any "burst" is back-loaded on the rotation and highly dependent on optimal conditions (which is a big disadvantage in PvP where TTK is very short and you're unlikely to get a full rotation off due to unavoidable target-switching and constant interrupts/stuns/mezs/KBs etc. It certainly doesn't have enough burst to burn down a decent healer the way real burst-dps spec'd ACs do (perhaps that would be different if the AC had more tools to pre-empt self-heals, like the stealth-stun-burst ACs do). Commando burst is a little better on Assault, but I disagree with ppl who say that respec'ing to Assault spec makes Commandos equally desirable in PvP as other dps-spec'd ACs, despite an Assault -spec'd Commando's improved mobility over the other dps tree.
I lol'd at the part where you said 'extended amount of time'. With how utterly crappy the resolve system is in this game and the chance of chain stun + stun lock there is no extended amount of time. When getting chased around by melee at best all we have is rapid shots and maybe one insta power shot unless power surge is used with a heal move. Yeah sure there is rail shot but after using it you gotta wait 8+ seconds to use it again which mean more running. Jet boost is rather pointless since melee can just straight back to you and pyro mercs dont even have the luxary of a root with their rocket punch. For the most 'mobile class' we have the least amount of counters and even less ways to stay mobile. Basically if you get focused by a melee and there isnt a healer watching you then you are as good as dead. Bioware hasnt got a flippin clue what goes on in pvp anymore.

They are too busy pumping out new flashy cosmetics and over priced addons to actually take a look at the most popular aspect of the game. Basically it was their last ditch effort to get money out of us before this game totally tanks.

Thanks again bioware for ruining yet another game that had great potential. Cant wait to see your whole company bankrupt!