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One thing that always bugged me in this game was lack of weapon choices. In other MMOs there are so many different weapons, axes swords, maces, spears, staves, wands, bows and so on... In SWTOR however classes are stuck with their 1 type of weapon that they must use forever. Well, to be fair force users can also use vibro-swrods / electro-staves, but that's about it.

But seeing how great the adaptive armor works, I thought why not have adaptive weapons as well.
Here are some examples:

If a commando equips a sniper it acts as a cannon; if he equips 2 blaster pistols 1 of them acts as a cannon with cannon's damage, other one loses it's damage and just acts as a generator, etc

If a Guardian equips a double bladed saber it will act as normal saber with normal saber's damage; if he equips 2 normal sabers 1 of them will act as normal saber other one will lose it's damage and act as a generator or shield if guardian is a tank and has inserted tanking mods, etc

These are just some examples of how it could work, but should give you a clear idea of what I mean.
Since every class is 'dual wielding' in this game even if they are using 2 handed weapons I don't see many problems in implementing this other than having to create new animations in some cases.

I don't expect anything like this any time soon, but I think it would be great if one day we could see something like this.
People would have more choices in using weapons. No one would be over-powered, since stat-wise you would stay the same, but you would look like you are using different kind of weapon. It's silly how troopers use blaster pistols in all cutscenes, but cannot actually use them in game. Of course ranged weapons should still be only available to non-force users and melee weapons to force users to avoid silly things like gunslinger shooting with his vibro-sword.
I always wanted to tank with 2 lightsabers