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Depends largely on the situation, and PvE or PvP.

For PvP, I'll leave people used to healing in WZ answer.

For PvE, both works, but very differently. Sorc have an awesome AoE heal, but is paying this by a lack of emergency heal per say.

Operative AoE is fine, but the spike healing is awesome (my main being a sin-tank, i have to say I normally prefer operatives on me if I'm main tanking an ops, altough a few gildies with sorcs do a mighty fine job as well).

I personally leveled a sorc pre-1,2 as heals, and loved it. But I did not like the change to force bending they did then, with DI being always on that "die 3 times while I cast your heal" timer, and innervate being used left and right in your ressourge regen, spike heal, and standard heal rotation. Also I'm bugged by my "emergency" tool not being a heal, but a shield, which AGAIN can be considered in your standard rotation on the tank.

I'm barely in the 20s with my operative which I'm grooming to be my end-game healer eventually, but I already like the way it works much better.

I still respec the sorc to heals sometimes for HM FP or H4s, don't have much issues keeping people up unless they take avoidable damage like crazy in boss fights ("big fat red reticle on the ground! Lets see if I gain 50 cartel coins by stepping in it!!! ... Nop, won a massive blow to the face. Well lets try again! We got an healer anywayz!")