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No. This would be a nightmare and a complete waste of resources which could be better used elsewhere 100% of the time.

1) Operations usually require a certian skill for players to complete operations on. With that skill comes knowing your character inside and out. When your leveling, this is the stage when you are learning your characters capabilities.

2) As odd as it sounds, Operations require a certain gear requirment. Even story mode operations as easy as they are (even if its a full set of recruit, its still a requirement over level 48/49 greens). From what iv'e seen with players i have teamed with in SM flashponts, you have players using gear that are 10-20 levels different from eachother (example being your a level 35 using a level 34 headpeice, level 12 gloves, level 28 pants, level 31 chest, etc...). Now try to organize that monstrosity on an operations scale where your tanks have less hit points than your healers.

3) Some tanks get better skills than other tanks at certain levels. Some healers get better heals than other healers at different healers. For an operation to run smoothly, you need to be able to have all your character abilities at your disposal. Not just some... ALL. What happens when you start that operation and half your crew doesn't have half their abilities because they didn't have the funds to train for them (Yes, i have personally ran into this one with a healer who didn't have half their trainable abilities because they forgot about the advanced class tab from the trainer)
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