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Not to be harsh, but sole reason ashara should die with you tanking is AoE heavy fight, like inquisitor types where you cannot interrupt every single ones, and even then, there are many ways to keep her safe.

If you don't want to worry about it, andronikos stays at range, but risk is he'll pull something you may have to run after if you don't see it in time and taunt/pull are on cd.

Rolling double tank is rather pointless, since they'll often taunt over you, making it a strange game of "my taunt worked better than yours"

Rolling Talos is overkill for most solo PvE and even some H2s.

So I'd say with tank sin, dps companions are the best to keep a certain overall killing speed without harming survavability, as you got enough for both.

Now also keep companion gear up to date. If Ashara is still in the greens she come with on taris, with no headgear, earpiece or implants, yah you are not helping her.

Also for dps, quick key their "attack (ctrl-1 default) somewhere easy (I personally use # which is to the left of 1 on my keyboard) to avoid them pulling, since they have the bad habit of switching targets if you are attacking theirs already.

If it still doesn't work, well I'll suspect possibly a flaw on the way you play the spec, because no way companions can pull from a sin-tank that builds threat correctly if you control them and the mobs decently.

Note that again, depending on gear you may or may not be able to leave a normal on them, and again depending on gear (and presence through legacy bonus or gear), they may be able to faceroll a strong on their own.

Edit : as for ashara vs andronikos (ranged vs melee dps), its very much preference. Some prefer melee dps while tanking to avoid running after mobs (melee dps being beside you, or at least closer) some prefer them out of the way so they never worry about AoE. I personally use companion I feel like using, often for RPG reasons over gameplay. Ex, I used mostly ashara since I prefered my "apprentice" rather than that strange pirate tag-along.

My PT uses Gault, because he is so much more fun than Torian, and being a ranged tank makes little difference about where to pick enemies from.