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Shadow - 23%
Guardian - 20% + 5 =25 % due to spec = 25% "" and base amour is exackly the same prity much for vangaurds and gardians ""
Vanguard - 19%

Its important to note that in current content most damage is K/E, TFB has more I/E than EC but it is still mostly K/E

. you can defintly tell u have not cleared TFB !!!!! and not even stepped foot in 8 man NIM let alone 16 man with that responce when u catch up u can corect your self

Blade Barrier contributes less to Guardian survivability than the Shadow self-heal contributes to Shadow survivability. Hybrid Guardians (which you claim is an inferior spec) benefit MORE from Blade Barrier but it still does not surpass the Shadow self-heal. Check out KeyboardNinja's work if you really want to understand.

lol i should not coment on this due to how healers work shaows in theory have a amazing abiltiy but how much do u think is wated on over heal some thing that gardians dont have a problem with so if u take that in to acount makes blade barrior more usefull + better ....... it was worked out in tfb gardians take some thing like 8% less damage over all then all classes ..... i will try and find the data for u ..... self-heal is important for shadows but when u make every thing relitive , to gear , spec and amour rateing the damage mitigations on blade storm makes it so over powered when you have over 7% more amour takeing your base damage reduction to over 50% .............blade barrior can mitergate complete hits on u in 8 man ...... and tbh just by editing shadows gear for difrent encounters, u can say o my god , they have amazings shadow self heal witch is again relitive to there total hp pool witch is only usefull in 2 fights, rest of the time they drop right down on hp to around 28k , for more sheild and absorb stats witch in turn nerfs there self heal ..........

I am not making that assumption at all. I am opting to ignore the scenarios of I/E damage, where Shadows shine, because you cannot gear for that. Damage smoothing is about keeping the variation in damage taken as low as possible. In other words, its the opposite of Spiky. Shadows require the least healing but have the spikiest damage profile, Vanguard require the most but have the smoothest of the tanks. Technically, DPS/Heal classes have the "smoothest" damage because it is always constant, no defending or shielding. It's also an unbearably high volume of damage and the healers can't deal with it, but it doesn't stop it being the smoothest.

ofc u can gear for that its nieve to think u cant gear at all to counter that there is things u can do as gardian to help this out , im gardian its my job to make shore thats is easyer to heal as a tank it is your job to understand the fights when the damage is coming and how the damage is coming and compinsate for it .........gardians are now every smooth to heal that is if they have created the right gearing , to go with there spec .............

I call BS. I only measure my TPS at the 20 and 30 second marks. The later you measure it, the higher you TPS will be because of taunt boosting. You want some real useful information, I hit 58,000 TPS on Nightmare Pilgrim last night. In a 14 second parse. Because I was on the Dog until the end then I picked up the Pilgrim. You want to parse reasonable and comparable TPS, do it without taunt or else state the duration of your parse.

i have re gone over the numbers of last raid colley was hitting over 4k tps at start of fight thats 1 u have to inturpt at the start , and ofc its relivent our dps nukes from the start , thats means in the first 5-10 seconds they will be .useing dps adreanals and inspperations , witch in tern means that are sitting at around 3.5k tps espeshaly with 4 insps in 1 group for the start ......... shadows are very very over powered when it comes to threat ..... so what your saying is im wrong cus u have never seen it , or dps cant do that cus have never seen it does not mean any thing its like saying u dont exist cus i have never seen you its a chilish responce ......

Actually its relative to the volume of threat on the target, regardless of if its yours or not. Anyway, unless your DPS are pushing 2.5k DPS, TPS isn't an issue as long as you can hold it between taunts.

no **** shirlock ,but what if u were on nim tanks o my bad u have never been there so would not know ........ what i mean by this u do not switch targets , meaning thats a shadow whos ential threat is higher , would have higher threat for the first taunt and from that will build threat quicker contuiealsy till the 35 second mark where threat becomes obserleat due to the tautn macanic

And I'm really Santa Claus and you're on the naughty list now. We can all make claims on the internet without evidence.

i have everdence more then your littel encounters in to ec hm witch has been 6 manned , and tfb hm witch is a joke ..... cleared by alts in a week of coming out ..... Nim content is the first chalange in the game ........ when u get there or when actully step in 16 man , that hardest content in the game --> next you will tell me you have gear that has accuracy on and its realy realy important ""