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12.03.2012 , 04:20 AM | #105
Not having posted for a few days now (and loosing 8 RE recipes synthweaving) I read the last yellow "heavingly investigating " and "stop RE" bs answer from CS. It is all very simple, Bioware screwed up with patch 1.5 ! With that
patch they created the difference in crafting (and wearing stuff) between subscribers and F2P-players resulting in this mess. Is there someone overthere who actually plays the game? Levelling in crafting without RE? are they really serious? And then the other yellow poster with the "when,who,what"crap . and the ,so called, pledge to the community to give information. The answer is simple :everybody who changed his craft-profession after patch 1.5 is in trouble when he(or she) uses RE. Why is this "bug" still not listed on the famous "known issues " list? Also a very
simple answer "Bioware and EA are BUYING TIME" because in my opinion this,on first sight very simple bug, reaches further in elemental game-mechanics(as implemented in 1.5) then they are willing to admit.
Conclusion. I think an important part (especially crafting) of patch 1.5 will have to be rewritten. Hope I'm wrong......