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Is this just me?

I've played TOR since early access and currently I'm playing a level 37 and going marauder which is my first DPS toon after playing 3 tanks to level 50 as well has several other toons in their 30s. I modeled my marauder with inspirations from Assajj Ventress (my toon is Rattataki though since you can't be Dathomirian in TOR).
The thing that makes me think about the whole sith-jedi thingy is that this is too awesome as a Sith class in every aspect.

First It's main focus is super-.aggressive. The class is also entirely based around anger and rage, and the anger/more hate you gain the stronger you get. As a Asajj Ventress fanboy this is pure awesome since Asajj though a highly skilled assassin was always haunted and controlled by her fears (Dooku never allowed her to be sith because she could never overcome/master her own fears) and her obsessive borderline psychotic behavior towards Ben Kenobi which also led her to act out of pure rage which clouded her judgement.
As your berserk stacks get higher your character will growl ferociously of maddening frenzy.

Granted I have yet to play the sentinel but after playing Marauder it's just too hard for me to imagine this class design actually work as well as a Jedi. It's just feels far too aggressive to be played as a master of his emotions.

Would be fun to hear others experiences of the class
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