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Merc/Commando damage is, for the most part, in a good place. Damage isn't really the issue. The Problem with Mercs/Commandos is their extremely lacking utility/escape abilities. They have no disengage, they have no sprint, they only have 1 knockback, a root that only works in melee range (why?), a mezz (with cast time) on a 1 min CD and a 10m (why?) stun. Mercs/Commandos offer nothing that other classes don't also have, and other classes can do their job better. You don't see DPS Mercs/Commandos in rated warzones, why is that? It's because the other classes offer much more utility and survivability, and overall they do their jobs better:
this is the only part i wanted to comment on...or question...
I'm a Arsenal Merc...i PVP as such. i lack helm and gloves of Warhero. however all my gear is Augmented with Advanced Reflex 22s. i run over 1800 Aim, 35/75 crit/surge 100% acc. 110% tech acc. blah blah. the normal damage range for my attacks against any other class are something like this.
Rapid shots = 600 dmg total. (any shielding between 10-25 dmg per hit. so 150 damage tops.)
Missle blast = when used 1100 dmg.(if shielded in any way less than 700.)
Explosive Dart = 800 Dmg. (any shielding around 400)
Tracer Missle = 2200 normal hit, (shielded 1200-1700), Crits are around 2800(a crit vs a shield is around 2400)
HSM w/o tracer 3k, (shields 1200) Crits 4.5k-5.6k (shields 3k)
HSM W/ Tracer 2k (shields 1600) Crits around 3.8k (shields 3.8k)
Fusion Missile 1600 (shields 1100) Doesn't really crit.
Rocket Punch 2k (shields 2k) doesn't crit
Railshot 2k normal 3.4k crit (shields 1800)
Jet Boost (currently doesn't work...when i use it i get knocked back 40 meters..instead of my oponent)
thats all that i use if i use it in pvp.

I avg 300k damage per warzone. i run at least 6 per day...5 days a week. most of the pubs i play avg 450k dmg per wz. if its an elite team we're talking 600k each. so why again do we not need a damage boost? screw more run away abilitys. i'm tried of hitting folks in equal gear for half of what they smack me for. every Sent, Guard, Van, shadow worth his salt can smack me back to back 3 times for over 4k damage. thats less than 6 seconds of combat. not counting their Dots. i got nothing that can compare to that.

now if i'm doing something wrong..(aside from using a merc in pvp) please by all means. let me know. i want to be the most useful pvper i can be while playing a class i enjoy. because its the only reason i play this game.
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