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12.13.2011 , 01:27 PM | #19
Has no one played a recent MMO other than WoW?

I played Rift before and after the LFG tool.

The devs created the tool since they noticed very few players compared to the total was taking advantage of the dungeon content. They tried a same-server LFG tool but it had serious limitations (small pool of players to draw from) so went to a cross-server tool.

Did it change the community? Absolutely. I was sad and happy at the same time. It was great to always group with the sample people but you know what? Over time, people played different toons, different factions, and different games. I'd spend a good part of my play time spamming chat and LFG.

The cross-server LFG tool allowed me to play in dungeons which is what I most like to do in MMOs. The necessity of this tool is a testament to how I guess many players don't like running dungeons. If they did, there'd have been a lot more using the same-server tool. Since there weren't, the devs had to make it crossserver.

Bioware WILL make a LFG tool. Sure they might try same-sever and no teleporting and no rewards for a while but eventually it'll be just like Wow's.

Why? Because it works to get players in groups. Simple as that.

Now then, hopefully I get EGA soon so I can start playing and spend less time in chat....