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12.03.2012 , 01:36 AM | #104
I would also like to know the state of the fix for this bug. There is maintenance scheduled for tomorrow and this bug is still not in the "known issues" list.
More and more players report this problem. And imagine how many F2P players must have this same problem, but can't post in this forum. It is a game braking bug as it forces me to play in the different way then I would have to. I have lvl 31 sitting and only gathering when he was supposed to be my sinthweaver for 2 of my new characters I started as of F2P launch. Now I have to spend enormous amounts of credits for my gear.
First it was your crap of CS that was either on holidays or non functioning. Don't tell me that development team or whoever fixes bugs is as incompetent as CS as well.
There are still many old, old bugs you don't fix as you see them as non game breaking. Well, this one is!