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12.03.2012 , 01:28 AM | #48
This guild is becoming much larger than I expected it to be. Today we had an Operations group running (I believe it was for HM EV) along with 2 WZ groups (one 8-man; one 4-man). That's just... really insane, to be honest!

I'd also like to clarify that my guild never zerg-invites players. Though we are large and still growing, many of the players that make up this community are friends of friends, my friends, or those interested in joining a guild. We take pride in introducing ourselves if it's someone looking for a guild, talk to them about our guild and see if this guild really clicks with what they're looking for. The number of members who do end up quitting the guild is very low and almost nonexistent, too, so I have to say everyone in our guild besides the few percentage that ends up leaving is extremely content with the guild.

Those that are interested in joining the guild also happen to come from other dead guilds or just came back into the game. I believe they see this guild as a great place to be because chat is always flourishing with socialization and grouping and that the guild has a huge TeamSpeak 3 server to utilize. Not only that, this guild pretty much serves as a beacon of what The Fatman represented during the game's elder days (obviously this is only intended to those who manually transferred to The Fatman ).

It's just a huge honor to own a guild that has made many really happy to play the game.