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12.03.2012 , 12:40 AM | #401
^ lol. I know, they made it look so great, didn't they.

Right now I'm grinding WZ comms to finish off my WH set for when 1.6 comes out, and it's just a miserable experience. I don't know why I'm putting myself through it. The last few Huttball matches really made me miss Storm & Harpoon on my Vanguard (to say nothing of Hold the Line...). At least those are interesting utilities that can be used in a dozen different ways to make WZs entertaining for the player behind the 'toon. There's no clever tricks commandos can play that compare to that (sry devs but pillar humping doesn't count as a clever trick - that's just what everyone does). Pulling someone into the fire pit never gets old when you're the one doing it....same thing with popping out of stealth and totally flooring someone, like assassins and Ops do all the time). In addition to all the other improvements that have been discussed, it would be nice to have one really cool gimmick we can pop that gives us that gotcha moment that every other class gets to enjoy.

There's just a complete lack of imagination in how this AC was designed. It was obviously an after-thought when compared to the other ACs. Great storyline & look though - that's what took me in. I love everything about the class right down to the voice acting, but boy does it ever need work to be viable in high-level PvP.