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@jlazarillo your misquoting him he says zash's disobedience not her death demanded the deconstruction of her power base. he delayed it because according to the tradition he holds so dear he technically couldn't punish her until your inquisitor gave him the pretence he needed. He does indeed know it was the inquisitor that killed her the very first conversation you have with him after killing zash has a path that has him say your murder was sloppy even brazin and too many people saw you enter the temple to kill zash. if what you were saying was true he'd have to kill him self for killing his superior on the dark council but no he followed the traditions on that murder so he's clear.

@slowpokeking yes sith sociaty is all about cruelity power betrayal and backstabbing what you seem to have a hard time grasping is that all of those come with RULES that must be followed. you have to betray them in the correct way.

if it had just been about power Kharrid could of just blown gravus away immediately. instead she had to lure him into firing first (thus satisfying the tradition on the correct way to murder him) , and it's easy to be level headed when your miles away from the danger as gravus was on taris. Quite another to be so level headed facing a ship you know can destroy you. he had a very hot headed apprentice me thinks this weakness was always there below the surface i see no evidence that annihilation ruined his character at all.

heres a quote from moff pyron that might make you both understand where the inquisitor whent wrong and thanaton didn;t

pyron on weither your get thanatons powerbase after killing him

pyron: only if they can't prove it was you isnt that how you sith work?