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You will never have the chance for that! He said kicking Rafeesh back letting loose a blast of force lightning and throwing several security lockers from around the room at him.

An officer on the command deck walked quickly towards Darth Howl. My lord several ships have broken off from the enemy formation it seems they are going to attempt to board the station sir. Darth Howl laughed a moment before looking around in an almost crazed state. Then blast them out of the sky ! All defensive weaponry fire! Have the main cannon prepare to fire on them we will shred them to bits! The stations weapon systems all switched to repelling the approaching ships tearing several star fighters and cruisers to bits.

Evelyn maneuvered swiftly through the chaos she was bound and determined to see this battle through to the end.

Merena waited impatiently for word from the Madalorians. She muttered to herself The blazes are those idiots.
Zero expertly evaded the main cannons, using her years of flying training to her advantage, as she got closer to the station