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The muffled sound of thermal grenades and blaster fire echoed throughout the streets as Jedi Master Vyiel'Saarr strode purposefully to his destination: the small fledgeling Jedi Sanctuary he'd managed to establish during the fighting to provide safehaven for civillians caught in the crossfire between Republic forces and Imperial defenders.

With a heavy brown bag slung over his shaulder, Master Saarr was returning from a Republic outpost with food and medical supplies. Despite the weight of his bag, the elderly Miraluka moved with surprising speed although it was obvious that doing so caused him pain. Master Saarr had served as a Jedi Healer and Seer for almost 70 years and he'd seen his share of war zones throughout his tenure as a Jedi.

As he approached the ruins of a small outer fortification that once protected the Jedi Sanctuary Master Saarr pressed a small orange button on his belt and a large durasteel vaulted door lowered into the floor, closing soon after he entered. The entryway was a large indoor courtyard that had once been used for meditation but had long since been converted to be living quarters, armory, medical center, and communications hub after a nearby bomb had collapsed the rest of the structure weeks before.
Refugees, pilots, doctors, volunteer militia, soldiers, and other Jedi had packed tightly into the small sanctuary that only measured 15 metres in any direction. While Master Saarr and his volunteer staff welcomed and treated personnel from both Republic and Empire forces, most of the residents were civillian.

Exhausted, Master Saarr handed the bag off to his Protocol droid JT-87 and limped over to his small blue cot and slipped into deep meditation.

[[OOC; If somebody decides to visit the Jedi Santuary I intend to have it serve as a neutral ground that can serve as a headquarters for players so that we don't need to be constantly wandering about the city.]]
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