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Gabrandt they have answered you already. You simply look at the pieces and decide which mods are best for you. Your question has been answered.
I'm sorry... What?

I'm assuming that there is an ideal setup, whereupon you've gained a full set of gear - for the armourings - and in that final set, there is a certain amount of specific items one needs to buy. For an example, when I did my PvE gearing, I made a list of items I needed to buy.

Hypothetical list:

1 x Head
1 x Leg
1 x Feet
1 x Hands
1 x Chest
1 x Weapon
1 x Focus


3 x Boots
2 x Legs
4 x Heads (need to take into account wrists and waist).

I'd like to setup a definitive goal as to what to acquire, that I do not waste comms. As such, "looking at what you currently have and gearing thereafter" is a short-sighted goal, in my opinion.

If nobody knows, that's fine. I'd love to see if there's a discussion about this going on somewhere, but google fails me.
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