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u are missing internal damage and external damage resitance , witch have been buffed for gardiains as well witch
makes them better ............ 20% less ............ no confustion sry to tell u espeshaly when u take amour nurths in to acount that shadows have had.
Passive mitigation: = base stats amour ratting, internal external damage so on ......... you are curently not looking at the hole picture. as well as that your level of gear if it is pre, 63,'s i would understand more , why u think this is the case there has been a big big big shift !!!!!!!!!!! and is a even bigger shift when it comes to 16 man and 8 mans....... i would love for you to come on mumble and have a chat with me if u are still up i will go though them with u.....
Int/Ele resist by Class:
Shadow - 23%
Guardian - 20%
Vanguard - 19%

There is a 1%(!) difference in I/E resist between a Guardian and a Vanguard. The difference between K/E resistance on these 2 is much higher than 1%. Its important to note that in current content most damage is K/E, TFB has more I/E than EC but it is still mostly K/E.

Quote: Originally Posted by kanare View Post
active mitigation , gardians, blade barrior is one of the most over powered ability (stacks with gear !!!!!!) there it takes in to acount accaruacy reducation blacde barrior witch now stops over 2k damage now , witch is huge , but also i am taking in to acount how the class works , with the timeings for each of the abilities ..........if u wish me to go in to more detail feel free to come mumble and have a chat with me ,
Blade Barrier contributes less to Guardian survivability than the Shadow self-heal contributes to Shadow survivability. Hybrid Guardians (which you claim is an inferior spec) benefit MORE from Blade Barrier but it still does not surpass the Shadow self-heal. Check out KeyboardNinja's work if you really want to understand.

Quote: Originally Posted by kanare View Post
Your ashuming that all damage is sheildable , defenderble and absorbable im not going to lie most damage is not any more this means that these stats have changed , i would agree gardians would not be the smoothest if this was not the case how ever the game has changed we have to change with it ........also you ashuming 8 man content , witch is very difrent to 16 man witch u will see the true smoth ness of all the classes also take blade barrior in to acount, and other factors , witch if used at the right time in fights can keep you very easy to heal, out of cruousity , what are your cruent tank stats could be why you have this problem and think they are not......
I am not making that assumption at all. I am opting to ignore the scenarios of I/E damage, where Shadows shine, because you cannot gear for that. Damage smoothing is about keeping the variation in damage taken as low as possible. In other words, its the opposite of Spiky. Shadows require the least healing but have the spikiest damage profile, Vanguard require the most but have the smoothest of the tanks. Technically, DPS/Heal classes have the "smoothest" damage because it is always constant, no defending or shielding. It's also an unbearably high volume of damage and the healers can't deal with it, but it doesn't stop it being the smoothest.

Quote: Originally Posted by kanare View Post
==> well this 1 i was actully thinking of not putting in i dont realy care about mobility beacuse that is more about the player then the class itself , but mobility can also be judged on doing things on the move ............. so will hapily consede points on this i actully think it has no refrence to being able to the tank or chosing a tank beacuse good players will find ways round it .........
Starting to see reason.

Quote: Originally Posted by kanare View Post
ok colley over the first 20 seconds of the fight is hitting 5-8 k threat , dependet on fight tanks , he hit 7k i think while a group of 4x sentinals with no gards on them were nuking with adreanls + insp x 4 do i need to say more ?
our old vangard tank was hitting 4k at start of fight ?
I a gardian can hit around 3k when using every thing how ever top dps , can spike upwards of 3 k (but again subject to fight) so lets put this in simple numbers

gardian in a good fight start 3k (using adrenals)
vangard over 4k
shadow double 5-8k , trust me we cant tuch shadows ........ tanks are desighned very well 1 mitigation tank , 1 middel of the middel tank and 1 tps tank.
i am ashumeing players are compitent , and play at the best posible standered ........
I call BS. I only measure my TPS at the 20 and 30 second marks. The later you measure it, the higher you TPS will be because of taunt boosting. You want some real useful information, I hit 58,000 TPS on Nightmare Pilgrim last night. In a 14 second parse. Because I was on the Dog until the end then I picked up the Pilgrim. You want to parse reasonable and comparable TPS, do it without taunt or else state the duration of your parse.

Quote: Originally Posted by kanare View Post
but its all relitive if you do your tanunt on u doing 2.7k tps for 5 seconds the top end of your threat ........ or a shadow tants after doing 5 k for 5 secs , do the maths , trust me we cant keep up with them also by the end of the first 30 seconds of the fight threat is not a problem due to how taunts work .......
Actually its relative to the volume of threat on the target, regardless of if its yours or not. Anyway, unless your DPS are pushing 2.5k DPS, TPS isn't an issue as long as you can hold it between taunts.

Quote: Originally Posted by kanare View Post
Ok , i have Cleared all content but NIM kethis 16 man witch no 1 has done in the world ..... all world firsts ,
we roll with some of the best tanks around pushing our classes to the limits , you sir atm are big fish in a small pond is the best analigy i can say , you are a good gardian , in a guild who is not very strong (dont mean to be rude or affensive plz dont take it like that) , i am curently playing with some of the best of the best players , taking world firsts ...... the problem is if u do not have good tanks u have no point of refrence ,

plz come and have chat with me on mumble though get it downloaded , and i wil pm u the info , would love to give u some extra info to try and e xplain better to you i hate typeing !!!!!
And I'm really Santa Claus and you're on the naughty list now. We can all make claims on the internet without evidence.

Anyway, I don't care about World Firsts in a game. I play to have fun and hang with my mates. I like to optimize my character and clear content, but I'm not going to spend 2 days working on a fight just to be the first one. 3 months from now is anyone going to care that you may have a world first clear of EC NiM 16 man?

In terms of Mumble, I'm at work and we're in different time zones, I doubt I'll catch you on there. Feel free to keep replying though.
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