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Tangible reward or not, they do it for a reason. The ToS itself never says it has to be for a reward, simply the act of doing so can be against the ToS.

I don't quite agree with the lockout timer for a number of reasons that have been stated in another thread, I think the medals giving exp would be enough if they decided to do anything about it. It can be rebalanced. (Wz's give 10% less exp, medals make up that 10%).
that would solve the problem, but i would prefer bioware did not spend dev time on it; there are better ways for them to spend their resources.

the people doing this infinite twink thing are clearly a large minority. i have yet to see one while leveling my commando (i have done nothing but wzs and class quest, currently leve 37). i dont think that such a sweeping change is necessary to deal with such a small minority of miscreants.

if bioware deems it to be an exploit, ban them if they are caught doing it repeatedly. that is the least resource intensive solution, and i could care less how severe the penalty is since i dont do it.
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