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i saw your post of the ToS earlier in this thread. this kind of infinite twinking provides no tangible in-game reward, and the average person should be able to maintain their composure enough to not rage at someone in their wz who is using an "infinite twink" toon.

the people who do that are clearly doing it to troll others, and are obviously getting a rise out of a lot of people (this thread is direct evidence of that). if people dont react, they dont get the satisfaction of trolling folks, and have to find another way to take out their angst for not being hugged enough.

thats the only "reward" these twinkers get; they enjoy making people mad. its pvp, if you start saying its against the rules to do things that upset other players through PvP, where does it end?

a nice solution to this, and something that is needed in 50 wzs as well, is a lockout timer for leaving a warzone early. 15minutes locked out from queuing. it will not eliminate the problem 100%, but it would make playing an "infinite twink" character much more difficult.
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