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12.02.2012 , 06:55 PM | #398
Just came from an endless series of huttball matches. There are soooo many issues with this AC. The 100% lack of immunity to leaps + the prevalence of fotm Smashmonkeys in PvP now means that having a semi-immobile commando/merc guarding a strategic point is a liability. Dps commandos need to get off-node, off-objective, away from the ledges at mid, and onto the fringes. Put a gunslinger/sniper up above the ball respawn or across the acid/fire pits instead. Commando/mercs casting from a node or across a map hazard are continually used as pylons by leapers to get across the map instantly and totally bypass mdps, z-axis, obstacles and hazards. How many times have you seen a ball carrier leap the commando to get across the acid pool, change their z-axis or fast-track across a bridge. It just seems contrary to the whole concept of this "heavy armor" AC that they need need to skulk on the fringes of the fight, but there you go. And can commandos not get at least a half-assed movement buff?