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The Krayt Dragon:

Fabled dragons found deep beneath the sands of Dantooine. Known to have been considered for status as sentient life. Hunted to near extinction by Czerka corporation bounty-hunters and colonists for the rare pearls produced by there species.

Rumored to have exceptional force atunement properties Krayt Dragon pearls where once highly sought by Czerka corporation for research and development.

Cerka corporation records the mediation for release of executive branch officers in there underworld dealings. Reported to have been held captive by a force user capable of astral projection, who disputed there claim to the system's soverinty.

The krayt dragon is only one rumor of the sands of Dantooine. Its presence is most likley concealed by the sand storms that frequent the deep desert. Rumored to be worshiped by the indiginous 'sand people', they are known to claim vast domains in active cycles, that may relate to positioning of the binary stars that make up the system.

The Krayt dragon can live for thousands of years. There presence in the dream is recorded as the first sign of an active cycle of activity. Highly likley the colonial ports that make up the Cerka mining colonies may not offer effective mental protection. Which resulted in Czerka corporation's use of bounty-hunters.

it may be a form of Astral projection that influenced Czerka's decision to halt the origional mining operations. Cerka records say little of there discoverey of Dantooine, or rumored evidence of alien artifacts that pre-date the Endless Empire.
Proof of Krayt Dragon existance has also been found in the Tunisian desert.
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