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It doesn't have anything to do with the boss, so you solved nothing.
it has EVERYTHING to do with the boss knockback you moron. It only drops you through the floor when he knocks you down. Even on characters with no jump or leap abilities this happens and it only happens when he knocks you down. idiot.

I played beta of SWTOR and didn't play the full game until just now as all the bugs put me off, but i figured that after over a year the *********** bugs would perhaps have been smoothed out. I've had this bug happen FIVE *********** TIMES in a row now in esseles and neither /stuck nor exit area did anything at all meaning i was removed from the group or had to leave myself so the group could continue. What. A. ***********. Joke.

No wonder this game has had to go F2P. It's a glitchy, unpolished, clunky-combat style, pile of crap. I tried to play this game with several characters as i was looking for a good story driven RPG to get into, but **** this, it's just causing me too much frustration and anger which is NOT what i want from a game, so i will not be playing any more of it. at all.

**** you Bioware, all these years of making glitchy games and you still do it? ****.