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- Vanguards have the best passive mitigation used to -> look at the numbers now gardians are bettern now .....
- Shadows have the highest active mitigation. --> lol no they dont never have .....not factering in every thing......
- Vanguards have the best damage smoothing. --> fully geared gardians aren now better .......... Fact number's prove this.....
- Guardians have more mobility than Vanguards but less kiting ability. Shadows have the most mobility when there aren't leap targets. plz explain how they have more mobilitie ? seeing vangards , have the leap , and range aoe taunt ?? and shadows dont beacuse alot of fights now need u to swap targets , for example tanks + dread counsil .....
- Guardians have the most control. 2 stuns, AoE mezz and snare. Leap -> Push -> leap isn't quite as good as pull but it gets the job done. lets put this in relitive turms controle whys , in raids is very limited more so in 16 man , vangards and shadows still have pull and all we have is gardian leap ......
- Snap threat I'd give to the Guardian followed by VG. Shadows lack a resource boost ability while Guardian and VG can really burst out of the gates if they want to.[/ --> sry i realy hope you are jokeing here , snap threat ever you have never played with people good at there classes or never seen a threat meatrer , Shadows opening threat is around 3--4 X a gardians , but even out when in there rotation , vangardss are around 50% higher opening threat .......... inless u have stacked str , and power to insane amounts that damage your mitigations out of curiosity what content have u done and what guild are u from ????
I think you are confusing mean mitigation and passive mitigation. You're making the same confusion with damage smoothing. You also seem to have no idea what active mitigation is.

Passive mitigation means mitigation that is active if I just stand there and do nothing. For a Vanguard, that's everything except 5% damage debuff and 8% absorb. For a Guardian, that's everything except 5% accuracy, 3% Defence and Blade Barrier. For a Shadow, that excludes Kinetic Ward, 5% Accuracy Debuff, 5% Damage Debuff and all self healing.

Active mitigation is almost the opposite of the above. Shadows have 4 things to manage, Guardians 2 and Vanguards 2.

Damage smoothing isn't a measure of incoming damage, its a measure of how much it varies. Vanguards have the highest passive K/E resistance massive Shield/Absorb. This combines to make them the smoothest tank.

Mobility. This one amuses me, because you are saying that the Vanguard has more mobility and you quote Storm. Guardians get Leap, which is reset by Push and Guardian Leap. Under ideal circumstances I can cover ~75m in 4 GCD (Guardian leap 30m, Force Leap 30m, Push and Leap to pushed target ~15m). More often in a raid I'm covering 50m in 2 GCD to get up to Vorgath quickly or I'm Guardian leaping to our Hunkered Down 'Slinger after Gift of the Masters. Take away my leap targets and the Shadow wins, as I said.

Control isn't just about positioning. Keep in mind, anything a VG can pull, a Guardian can mezz, stun and push or a Shadow could Mind Trap. Yes it takes a Guardian longer to position a mob but once on target they have more control over the fight.

Snap threat is a measure of how much threat you can put out in a short window. There are 2 times this can be gauged: at the start of a fight (static start) or in the middle of a fight (active start). With a static start, everything is off CD and resources are full (or empty). A VG can blow his wad, hit Recharge Cells and keep going, a Guardian can blow his wad, hit Combat Focus and keep going, a Shadow blows hit wad and sits there waiting for regen. Shadows my have more threat overall, but Guardian and Vanguard have much more burst (or snap) threat ability.

On my Guardian I can pull 2.4k - 2.7k threat over the first 20 seconds and I can hold off (or pull off) our Vanguard and Shadow tanks. I may use a Power adrenal to reach those numbers but it works and I have other CDs to use until my armor adrenal comes off CD. I know there are Shadow out there than can reach or beat those numbers without using an adrenal, but its good enough to hold off our DPS and my offtanks.

Now active start snap threat is even WORSE for the Shadow because they have less resource than they do at the start. Guardian can pop Combat Focus and blow his wad again and the Vanguard can just hit everything until he drops too low on energy and recharge. All that said: taunt makes "snap threat" in the middle of a fight irrelevant.

EDIT: I've cleared HM EC and we're working on HM TFB. We only started on HM EC a few weeks before 1.4 hit so we were still farming main hands until last week. If you want info about my guild or server, look down.
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