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Guardian/Juggernaut : Shadow/Assassin Trooper/Bounty Hunter
Role : Damage Taker TPS MAKER Steady Teddy!!!
Passive Mitigation: Best Worst Middel
Active Mitigation: Best Worst Middel
Damage Smoothing Middle Worst Middle
DPS Ability : Worst Best Middle
Mobility: Middel Middle Best
Control: Middel Middle Worst
Utility: Middel Best Middel
Single Target Threat: Worst Best!!!!!!! Middle
AOE Threat : Worst Best Best
Snap Threat: Worst Best Middle
Difficulty to Play: Highest Easy Moderate

There updated this.......Can u understand it ummmm this is from all the tanking data , we have had from doing EC NIM,HM 16/8 man , TBH HM 16 man / 8 man. Ashuming Best in slot tanks who know what they are doing !!!!
I can understand it. I disagree with it too. A couple of points:
- Vanguards have the best passive mitigation.
- Shadows have the highest active mitigation.
- Vanguards have the best damage smoothing.
- Guardians have more mobility than Vanguards but less kiting ability. Shadows have the most mobility when there aren't leap targets.
- Guardians have the most control. 2 stuns, AoE mezz and snare. Leap -> Push -> leap isn't quite as good as pull but it gets the job done.
- Snap threat I'd give to the Guardian followed by VG. Shadows lack a resource boost ability while Guardian and VG can really burst out of the gates if they want to.
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